Kubota B21


Kubota B21 4X4 tractor, with Loader, Backhoe, Bushhog, Plow, and Trailer

1627 Hours, $13000 w/out trailer. Add $700 for trailer if you want it. Trailer does not sell by itself. Runs Excellent!

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Runs Excellent! Moving to city, so I don't need it anymore.

 Includes: Tractor, Backhoe, Loader, Bushhog, Potato Plow, 3 Manuals, and Trailer is available for an additional $700 

Tractor: The Kubota B21 is a 4X4 compact 21HP tractor with a lot of capability for its size. The Kubota B21 Tractor has a 3 cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine that produces 21 hp. This tractor has a hydrostatic transmission and weighs 3836 pounds. The hydraulic system pumps 8.5 Gallons Per Minute. The tractor was deigned to handle the power of the backhoe. The turning radius is very tight and the Kubota reputation is made on machines such as this. Go to an equipment rental store and you will very often find a B21 available to rent. It is a very good machine and though I am a salesman in one point, I believe my words. This machine is superior.


Loader: Over 4.5 feet in width and hauls a respectable load. Has over 900 pounds of lifting power.

Backhoe: 16" bucket included. Has over 3000 pounds of digging power. Can reach close to 9 feet high and can dig about 6 feet deep.

Bushhog/Brushhog: This B21 comes with a 4 foot bush hog (3 years old). I have cut paths through the woods and it does well on small trees up to 1.5”. I have cut some 2” pines also. Note when cutting larger brush like this, you have to baby it onto them. You cant drive through at 4 MPH. You would need a much larger tractor for that kind of power requirement. With brush, it makes short order and well chew it up in little time so you can drive it through much faster.

Middle Buster/Potato Plow:The B21 includes a middle buster, aka potato plow (2 years old). This single blade plow pulls behind the tractor and furrows a small trench. We debated between this and a tiller attachment. Because we live in a rock infested area of the Ozarks, we went with the plow because the tiller might have had difficulties in the rocky soil. We figured in several years after most of the rocks were removed, we could purchase a 4 foot tiller attachment. Anyways, the plow does a good job of getting down into the soil and ripping up rocks and the single blade is easily handled by the B21. We then go around the garden area putting the rocks into the loader bucket and hauling it to our rock hill. Some friends that want rocks have visited us a few times to get free rocks for their landscaping.

Manuals: Operators manual for Tractor, operators manual for Backhoe, and even the expensive Workshop Manual.


Additional Notes:

The B21 tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and has a pto rated 13.5 hp. If you don't understand this (it was greek to me) it just means the type of hook up on the rear of the tractor. Cat 1 is compact size tractors. three point hitch has three points of contact for implements (the extremely normative tractor hookup). PTO means that it has a shaft that turns were the implements hookup that can power implements that need more than pulling behind. The bushhog needs power to roatate the blade, so you will see in the pic a shaft running from the bushhog to the tractor. This roatates powering the blades on the hog. The potato plow on the otherhand is merely pulled behind the tractor and makes no use of the PTO. The forward motion of the tractor pulls the plow blade into the earth. You control the depth by a handle that raises or lowers the item connected to the hitch. 

Do not let its small size deceive you, this little tractor is a workhorse. While most backhoe attachments for tractors work off the PTO and are usually found wanting in power because of the attachment method and design, the B21 tractor was designed with the Backhoe in mind and has frame reinforcement for the dedicated 8.5 Gallon Per Minute Hydraulic Pump attached to the engine. It is more akin to having a genuine backhoe than a tractor with a backhoe attachment albeit a small backhoe, as a full size backhoe weighs 12,000 pounds and never acts as a tractor. This tractor weighs about 4,000 pounds, so while it is a truly amazing workhorse that has served us very, very well these last 3 years, if you want full size backhoe capabilities, then buy one.

 OUR EXPERIANCE: We previously had a 43 HP Kubota tractor with a loader. If I had 40 acres of flat pasture that I was sowing and harvesting and did very little tasks that would require a backhoe, I think the 43HP would be a better fit because 43HP will haul a much larger implement. However, we love this B21 much more than we did that 43HP tractor. Why? First, we have 44 acres that are mostly wooded. The Backhoe has done so much work for us it is incredible. Building our house, putting up posts, digging trenches for water lines, electrical lines, water boiler lines, lifting heavy items off/on our trailer, moving heavy objects, plowing our gardenb area, hauling countless loads of rocks, lifting heavy beams during our home construction, cutting trails through our property, holding heavy items in place while we fastened them, and on and on. A several months back we needed 225 feet of two foot deep trench dug to our power pole. I assigned the task to my 14 year old and he knocked it out in a couple hours. It was like having a crew of 30 men with shovels and picks working hard for me at pennies an hour.


 The other great benefit of the B21 is its compact size. Our 43HP model was much larger and needed much more space to operate. The B21 can fit in tighter spaces. We have never felt under powered operating it. The extra weight of the backhoe, the gearing, and the large hydraulic pump have done the job quite well.



As an aside, I highly recommend 4WD. Our 43HP was 2WD and it got stuck so easily. Especially when the loader was filled up as it acted as a cantilever, lifting weight off the back tires creating poor traction. If you are going to have a loader or operate on other than flat terrain, I believe 4WD is a very high priority. Additionally, if you are going to use your tractor for a great variety of tasks and not have a limited and very specific tasks, you will not regret a loader and backhoe. They have been incredibly useful tools that have saved us many an hour. With our 4WD B21, I have gotten stuck a dozen times or so over the last few years. All I had to do was push down with my left heal on the locking lever to give traction to all four tires and wala. On one occasion I was really stuck and I utilized the backhoe and loader as tools to push me out of the bog. I was never stuck more than several seconds. That is not the case with our previous 2WD tractor. So, even if you don't buy this one, I recommend 4WD unless you know you won't need it.